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Individualized & Customized 
Voice Coaching 

Is your voice all it can be? 
Is your voice an asset or is it a problem?
As a public speaker, are you able to use 
your voice like a fine instrument?
Are you able to make your voice convey 
depth of meaning, the throb of emotion, 
the excitement of a story’s climax, and 
the authority of a master speaker? 

8 Ways Your Voice Can Benefit from Voice Coaching

1. Develop a richer sound – a resonance that makes it pleasant to listen to

2. Articulate the sounds of words to create greater clarity to your speech

3. Unlearn bad habits and learn how to breathe naturally again

4. Overcome any sibilant “S” sounds

5. Make your voice come alive with emotion whenever you want

6. Create interest in your speech by variety in pitch, rate, and volume

7. Use your voice without suffering vocal fatigue

8. Learn how to care for and nurture a good voice for the rest of your life

Whether you are a teacher, a broadcaster, a spokesperson, a preacher, a politician, a public figure, an executive, a manager, an actor, an emcee, a public speaker, or any other person who wants a more pleasing and effective voice,
Contact Dr. Dilip for a FREE interview (with no obligation!)

“I really gained confidence in speaking to an audience. I am no longer afraid to speak up in class. I am much more comfortable with the sound of my voice. (Dr. Dilip) is great.
He seemed to know how to fix any problem I had and helped me feel more confident.”
- Katelyn Hamm, College Senior
Broadcast Communications Major

Coaching sessions are customized 
to meet your specific needs 

Let your voice work for you and not against you.
Let your music out!


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