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The Path of the Genie

“This book is a “must read!” It will grab your heart, awaken your mind, and open your eyes to what it takes to achieve your heart’s desire.”

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, author of the best-selling Life is Tremendous

“Finally there is a book that takes you so deep it speaks to your spirit. The Path of the Genie guides you on a tremendous journey of fulfillment and joy. It is not just a book; it is a life-changing tool. I couldn’t put it down, so I didn’t. Dilip Abayasekara has written a book destined to be of great importance to countless readers. Everyone can benefit immensely from understanding and following The Path of the Genie. I know I have.”

Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

“This book helps us to pause, ponder, and respond to that inner voice which calls us to be “the person we ought to be.” Dilip Abayasekara writes as he lives, a life full of meaning and fulfillment. Make sure you read this. His insight will inspire you.”

Priyan Fernando, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Global Corporate Travel, American Express Company

"There are inspirational books and there are inspirational books…but none has so totally captured my interest until this superb book by Dr. Dilip. He takes you on a magical journey using the familiar story of Aladdin, the Genie, and the three wishes. I especially liked what Dr. Dilip says early in his book, “Dust off your spirit” as I am a firm believer in keeping one’s spirit alive and fulfilled. You will enjoy this easy to read book that jolts you into the realization of life’s promises if one just looks as oneself with “new eyes” and follows Dr. Dilip’s “Path of the Genie.” Thanks for an easy to read, straightforward book that can renew one’s spirit."

Theodore Charles Wood, Past International President, Toastmasters International

"The need for self-fulfillment is a fundamental motivating force within every human being. When understood and acted upon, it becomes the primary driving factor in defining who we are. Dilip Abayasekara brilliantly uses personal experiences and perfectly chosen examples to illustrate the importance of identifying one’s own self-fulfillment driver. Equally as important, he provides easy to follow action steps for the journey. The Path of the Genie is interesting, extremely well-written, practical and powerful. It is a must read for those who believe they have achieved success and for those still on the journey."

Eddie Dunn, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Planning & Executive Director of the College Technical Council, North Dakota University System. Past International President, Toastmasters International

"Wow, your words are sincere, soothing, and inspiring. Thank for putting me back on track. You’ve convinced me to “dust off my spirit!” Thank you – everyone should read this. If you are not feeling fulfilled, The Path of the Genie is a must read. Dr. Dilip, your words and experiences are truly inspiring and thought provoking. Thank you."

Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

"Dr. Dilip clearly lays out solid principles for living a meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling life. In clear, concise, and conversational fashion, he draws from personal experience and the wisdom of the ages as he guides his readers along The Path of the Genie. His practical action steps are powerful tools, which will catapult those who take them to a new level of self-discovery and fulfillment. Enjoy the journey!"

Mark L. Brown, 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking

"This book was well conceived and well written. The Path of the Genie sheds a bright light on how to live a happy and productive life. I re-read several chapters I order to be sure to implement their profound principles. Dilip, thank you for sharing your ideas and your life."

Philip P. Monetti, Partner, The Integrity Group 

"Dr. Abayasekara blends his career experiences, the story of Aladdin, Biblical events, historic figures, and a touch of American folklore onto a compelling essay on the pursuit of personal fulfillment. This book reveals the need for humility, integrity, and charitable giving in pursuit o your heart’s desire. A must read for those interested in expanding their vision of life."

John S. Latin, Past International President, Toastmasters International

"The difference between happiness and fulfillment may seem superficial, but the chasm between the two is vast. In The Path of the Genie, Dilip Abayasekara explains the difference and shows us how we can use Aladdin’s journey to fulfillment as a guide for our on voyage of discovery. All you need to embark on that voyage are an open mind, a willing spirit, and an understanding heart."

David Brooks, 1990 World Champion of Public Speaking 

"The Path of the Genie challenges you to look at the magic within yourself and seek the path of fulfillment. Dr. Dilip Abayasekara provides a roadmap to rediscover your life and set a course toward truly reaching your heart’s desire."

Jay Murray, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union

"Dr. Dilip Abayasekara has outlined a technique for self-discovery – a method to live life in fullness. We each have a gift. The “Genie” within each of us can help us to discover our unique talent and become the person we want to be. The Path of the Genie leads the readers to discover their own genius and path of fulfillment. Join in this walk with Dr. Dilip. It will make a difference in your life. One of my favorite children’s books is The Little Engine That Could. Dr. Dilip Abayasekara’s book, The Path of the Genie, in a refreshing and fun way, outlines how we can succeed just as the little engine did. The Genie helps us to: discover our gifts; reach fulfillment; become the person we want to be. And “Yes,” we can make it over the mountain."

William R. Ecker, President/CEO, Bill Ecker Enterprises

"There are myriads of books on self-help, and there are just as many on faith. Dilip has combined the two with a very touching personal story. Yes, he’s a Christian. It’s Christian journey. You just might want to take it."

Clifford L. Jones, Former Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

"Throughout one’s life there are occasions when we question our priorities. The Path of the Genie offers clear guidance with supportive references that helped me understand what truly is important and showed me how to get there. Thank you, Dr. Dilip, for compiling and sharing your wisdom. Your gift allows many others to find direction and meaning for their lives. Together, we will improve our world."

Todd A. Milano, President, Central Pennsylvania College 

"Dr. Abayasekara’s book, The Path of the Genie, makes clear that the path to fulfillment is not an ego trip; it is a path full of appreciation for others, for the world, and for oneself. The Path of the Genie is a practical, do-able, journey. The prose is marked by brisk, clean, insightful writing. The marvelous selection of quotes represents a rich cross-cultural heritage that taps into people in a wide range of cultures. He is well qualified to teach us about our paths to fulfillment through the wide lens of his approach to life. This book speaks usefully to the towering possibilities within the grasp of every human being."

Neil L. Irons, Bishop, United Methodist Church

"As I read The Path of the Genie, the words from a song in the movie Aladdin rang in my ears – “A whole new world … A new fantastic point of view … A dazzling place I never knew … But when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear …” Dilip has provided us a magic carpet ride – a crystal clear path to our heart’s desire, and it opens up a whole new and wonderful world.

It is amazing how many new and wonderful things we can learn from children’s stories. Dilip has done more than Disney could have in providing us with the eternal truths in Aladdin’s story. Dilip has kept his message simple, timely, and relevant. And yet, the far-reaching implications of “The Path” will help everyone find themselves, find meaning in their lives, and find fulfillment in all that they endeavor. Truly a “must read!”"

Johnny “Pawe” T. Uy, Chairman and CEO, Pawe Group of Companies, Cebu City, Philippines

"The Path of the Genie has an immediacy that makes it magical … Dr. Dilip R. Abayasekara has a generous heart, and an honest one. The Path of the Genie is an informed and magical perspective for those who have been soul searching for a clear-sighted road map to their heart’s desire. It’s a MUST read that you will find moving, inspiring, life altering, and effective. This book has such genuine and caring power that you will find yourself reading The Path of the Genie again and again!"

Ty Howard, Chairman & CEO, The Baltimore Worldwide Speakers Bureau

Dr. Dilip Abayasekara, author of The Path of a Genie…Your Journey to your Heart’s Desire, cleverly uses a seemingly simple story from our childhood to introduce the challenges that we all face in life. We have all seen or heard the story of Aladdin, and I am sure we have all dreamt of living this character’s fairytale. Dilip shows us that we can lead a fulfilling life.

The ease with which Dilip makes use of Aladdin’s life to symbolize our own takes us back to the time when we were asking deep questions; questions which may have not yet been answered. And, as we have dreamt, we can use the very same path as Aladdin in order to discover who we are and what we want from life, just as Aladdin. The author uses three wishes to commence a path for the reader’s self-discovery: the wish for humility, the wish for self-discovery, and finally the wish for self-offering.

The dilemma that Aladdin faces is not different from the dilemmas that we face everyday, whether as parent, CEO, or citizen. What could be and what is are the challenges we face. Aladdin teaches us that decisions are not easy to make, yet they must be made. The answers to our problems are always within us, but we must listen to ourselves. We must discover the doorway that leads to our inner-self. To do this, Dilip reminds us of human values which we have forgotten. We are also reminded that spirituality is an imperative, and once we understand the order of life we are well on the path to discover a higher and better self.

Dilip’s narrative grips the reader. He demonstrates his skill as a storyteller who draws out our thoughts and makes us discover ourselves. By using this well-known story, he helps us to develop a road map, a path that the reader can easily follow in order to achieve self-discovery and happiness. Dilip writes about his own life and the obstacles he faced when clearing a path for his own self-discovery. Although he deftly shows his own path, he supports the readers in finding their own individually molded path to self-discovery and happiness.

Dilip must be toasted for the simplicity with which he has addressed the significant complexities of life. This book is recommended reading for someone who wants to solve the answers to their life questions. It can be read alone, or even with your children if you wish to give them a head start in life, which is what I did, reading it with my daughter.

Kumar Nadesan
CEO, Express Newspapers (Ceylon) Ltd.
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Both the casual reader and the professional will benefit from The Path of the Genie. The text draws upon popular and classical literature, the arts, and story in motivating an inward journey that leads to outward manifestations of values and meaningful life. Dr. Abayasekara is to be commended for helping others find their “center” and fulfill their desire to grow and serve.

Rev. Dr. George Edwin Zeiders
President, Union Theological Seminary
Dayton, Ohio

I have found “The Path of the Genie: Your Journey to Your Heart’s Desire” a truly inspiring publication. What is uniquely impressive about the work is the bringing together, within a coherent framework, of intensely personal experiences, each of which has immediate relevance to life’s travails and challenges. Particularly powerful are the passages relating to self-discovery and a sense of mission or purpose. The book cannot but make a profound impression on any perceptive reader.

Professor G.L. Peiris
Member of Parliament
Former Minister of Constitutional Affairs
Sri Lanka

Transformation is the order of the world today. “The Path of the Genie” talks of the total transformation of an individual. Unlike any other self-development books, Dr. Dilip Abayasekara takes us through a step-by-step practical approach towards fulfilling our heart’s desire.

The author’s disclosures of his personal experiences in life relating to self-discovery, self-offering, etc, makes the reader put the subject into practice immediately. Confessing the truth openly requires tremendous courage and Dr. Dilip has proved that he is not only humble but also courageous.

On the whole, as a true Toastmaster, I was so proud and pleased to read the book. This book is a God-given gift to any individual who aspires to live a life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Arunasalam Balraj
CEO, The Gemtrans Engineering Co.
Head, Territorial Council of South Asia for
Toastmasters International in Sri Lanka

"Hopefully, this excellent little self-help book will give you the courage “to discover your bottled up music” and allow you to find fulfillment regardless of your stage in life. Young and old can benefit from this inspirational story."

Patricia H. Vance, State Representative, 87th District, Pennsylvania, USA

"In Dilip’s conversational style, he reaches out to touch both the mind and the heart. Step by step through the book he also gives you specifics on taking action in your own life. Dilip encourages each of us to live differently – to live lives of impact and integrity."

Don Schin, President, Pennsylvania Region, ACTION INTERNATIONAL, and Entrepreneur & Speaker


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