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Amazing Mind Mapping Workshop shows you that you are smarter than you think you are!

Download November 2, 2013 
Central Pennsylvania College
Workshop Details & Application

Mind Mapping will:

  • Improve your thinking, planning, and problem solving skills. 

  • Increase your ability to generate ideas and organize them. 

  • Give you a powerful new way to take & make notes, & study new information. 

  • Enable you to make better presentations & run more effective meetings. 

  • Help you identify your goals & values. 

  • Wake up your brain and make thinking FUN! 

Mind Mapping is a system of using your mind so that you employ both your logical left brain and your imaginative right brain while “mapping” out your thinking. The power of this synergistic thinking is that you liberate your creativity, literally wake up parts of your brain, and discover the joy of tapping your unique genius.

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What some participants say:

“Dr. Dilip’s Mind mapping course is a quick trip to self-awareness. Mind mapping is a surprisingly pleasant tool for using our most important resource in a totally new way. You can significantly increase your note taking, analysis, planning, and organizational skills.” - Chris Perks, Professional (Civil) Engineer

“I learned a new way to think. I learned to focus in a new and fascinating way. It was informative, helpful, eye opening. It was literally mind- expanding.” - James Michaelson, Professor, Rowan College

“It (Mind Mapping) is a very unique and undoubtedly valuable skill. There is a freedom in Mind Mapping that the rigidity of an outline does not have. I hope, in fact I am certain, that my continual use of it will help me learn, study, problem solve, and understand better.” - Janine Cunningham, DNREC, Div.of Fish & Wildlife

“I feel I have been shown a key to unlocking the flood of creativity I know is inside me. Dr. Dilip’s enthusiasm and the interest he showed in his students makes the class more of an experience than a workshop.” 
- Fred Callbeck, Systems Professional, Grumman Systems Support 

“(Value I gained): creatively organizing my thoughts, ability to think freely, new ideas and concepts that are applicable to my life. (The quality of instruction) was excellent.” - Judie Rodgers, Human resources Specialist, Du Pont

“(I learned) an excellent new tool/skill and increased confidence in front of others – also, more appreciation for my brain and creativity. I know I’ll continue to use Mind mapping in my daily life.” - Kerry Featherer, Real Estate Sales/Mary Kay

“Very useful tool. Excellent! Well organized.” - Steve Steinwedel, Coach, SCS Enterprises, Inc.

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