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Impromptu Speaking Skills Workshop
"Speak off the cuff with power and poise"

Do you wish you could: 

  • Speak confidently and clearly the next time your boss asks you a question? 

  • Mix easily with strangers at a party and enjoy the chit chat? 

  • Be able to give an effective business briefing when suddenly asked to do so? 

  • Handle questions with poise and grace even under hostile circumstances? 

In this highly interactive and fun workshop you will learn one approach, two skills and a six step technique that will empower you to replace palpitation and perspiration with power and poise.
... Skills that can turn you into a poised, confident 'off the cuff ' speaker! 

Workshop Formats: 

4 hours (Premium), 1-2 hours (Condensed) 

What participants' say:

"(Dr. Dilip's instruction was) superb. He brought out some things that I never thought of...He also improved my confidence."

Dinal Edirisinghe
St. Thomas Preparatory School

"I think that he gives us more confidence in public speaking and makes us believe in ourselves. It has been a very valuable program for me because it made me confident and made me enjoy communication."

Rashmi Dias
High School Student

"(Dr. Dilip's instruction was) very useful -- stimulating -- encourages all to break free of those 'shackles' and have faith in one's absolute ability/potential."

Anthea Peris Flambert
TV Talk Show Host/Speech Teacher

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