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Speech Evaluation Service

Stop guessing. 
Get expert feedback about your planned speech or presentation!

Send the manuscript, audiotape, or videotape of your speech for a detailed analysis. The analysis will note the strengths of your presentation. It will also point out specific ways that the speech could be improved. 

The speech evaluation can be done via e-mail, fax, or regular mail. It does not require you to meet personally with Dr. Dilip Abayasekara.

Some of the points of evaluation for your manuscript:

Readability       Transitions       opening
Organization Connectives body
Clarity Construction conclusion
Theme Connection to audience Achievement of objective

Some of the points of evaluation for an audiotape or CD of your speech:

Theme       vocal quality       Resonance
Clarity Pace Pause
Organization Rhythm Humor
Connection Volume Examples
Transitions Pitch Stories

Some of the 31 points of evaluation for a videotape of your presentation:

Theme        Appearance       Vocal quality
Connection to audience Presence Vocal variety
Introduction Use of space Movement
Body Gestures Facial expressions
Conclusion Eye contact Posture

Flat Fees for any evaluation service:
Manuscript: $50.00
Cassette Tape or CD: $75.00
Videotape: $75.00

Contact Dr. Dilip Abayasekara by telephone (717/728-2203) or e-mail to the address below  to discuss your needs in speech evaluation. Write “Speech Evaluation” on the subject line, please. 
Be prepared to talk about the composition and expectations of the audience and your speech objective.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR ASSOCIATES: 50% discount. This offer is good until January 31, 2004. Any visitor who signs up to be an associate before February 29, 2004 may also claim this offer. 


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